Rowley Regis Disability Centre

COVID-19 - Update 8th August 2020

Unfortunately the club will remain closed until further notice, the management of the centre/club are liaising with the local council to determine a safe way and time to reopen the centre.

Weekly Meetings

There is a Disabled Club that meets every Wednesday evening at the centre and the criteria for being a member is simply that you have some form of disability and live in the local area, traditinally that has been within a 2-3 mile radius of the centre.
At the weekly meetings it is a chance for people to have a chat and a cup of Tea (with light refreshments), take part in the raffle and various other lottery type games. Most weeks there will also be a Bingo session for members.
On some weeks the Bingo will be replaced with other forms of entertainment. This entertainment over the last 12 months has included a number of different singers and a Brass Band!

Special Events

Throughout the year there will be special events these include a "Christmas" Meal, special celebration at Easter. We arrange for all the members to enjoy a three course meal.
There will also be other important dates in the calendar that get celebrated. The picture to the left is of members of ELMS who has been to the club on a couple of occasions providing the members with an evening of singing and fun!
Check out the gallery page to see more of the entertainers that have visited the club. During the colder months of the year, members often have a warm meal rather than the normal sandwiches. The type of hot meals include:

  • Faggots and Peas
  • Fish and Chips
  • Jacket Potatoes


Rowley Regis Disability Centre is a single story building that was designed and built for the use of disabled people.
From the main entrance you enter a hallway which has a doorway immediately in front that leads to the main hall.
A large area of the hall is carpeted but the centre of the hall has a tiled floor.
At the far end of the hall there is a stage with concealed areas to the sides for entertainers to use.
At the one side of the room there are kitchen facilities, with a serving hatch for the main hall and an entrance from the hallway at the front of the building.
Also off the hallway at the front of the Building are separate male and female toilets, that are designed for disabled use.